Promoting sustainable agriculture

Promoting agricultural sustainability is a socio-economic imperative. The company has policies in place that review the planning and integration of land management in light of the multifunctional aspect of agriculture, particularly with regard to food security and sustainable development.

This integrated approach involves the following:

  • the participation of affected communities
  • the promotion of human resource development for sustainable agriculture
  • improving farm production and farming systems through diversification of farm and non-farm employment and infrastructure development
  • land-resource planning information
  • education for agriculture, land conservation and rehabilitation
  • sustainable plant nutrition to increase food production

The company practices a range of conservation methods and land use plans to ensure that every field is environmentally assessed before planting. In selected areas, depending on soil conditions and other agronomic influences, a range of cover crops are used to improve soil conditions and nitrogen prevalence for the subsequent sugarcane crop. The company’s view is that better farming practices will halt and in some instances reverse the process of soil degradation. At the same time, farmers are encouraged to use existing farmland more efficiently. Sustainable farming solutions include not tilling the land, crop rotations, bringing vegetation back to degraded land and planting vegetation around fields to prevent erosion.

Product responsibility

Tongaat Hulett continues to participate in a number of initiatives that promote product responsibility in agriculture, agriprocessing and land development. The company complies with all relevant safety, health, environmental and quality legislation in each of the countries of operation while striving to implement industry best practice. The production facilities have been certified under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. In South Africa, the operations have adopted HACCP, where appropriate. Downstream products supplied to the pharmaceutical industry are required to meet the Food and Drugs Act standards.

Tongaat Hulett ensures that appropriate information is provided to its customers. All product labels contain information about the product, in compliance with the respective country legislation and labeling regulations. In addition to protecting the company, product labeling informs consumers about the product’s nutritional composition and ingredients.

The company’s approach to marketing is not to mislead the public about any potential health or other risks related to Tongaat Hulett products. The company’s objective is to grow its market share through product innovation and the development of highquality products as the company seeks to grow its market share in a responsible manner.