Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee, which comprises only independent non-executive directors, meets as required. Its current members are J B Magwaza (Chairman), N Mjoli-Mncube and S G Pretorius. P H Staude, as CEO, attends by invitation and M A C Mahlari is the secretary. This committee’s terms of reference ensure that for Board appointments a rigorous, fair and open nomination and appointment process is followed to provide a balance of appropriate skills, knowledge and experience in the boardroom and support strong corporate performance. The committee makes recommendations to the Board on the size, composition and demographics of the Board, particularly in relation to the balance between executive, non-executive and independent directors, ensuring that there is a diversity of experience and backgrounds to create a cohesive and effective Board. The committee also gives consideration to succession planning, and ensures that processes and plans are in place for orderly succession and for appointments to the Board and senior management. During the period under review, the Nomination committee discussed and recommended the appointment of Bahle Sibisi as the successor to the Chairman of the Board. The Committee also had a detailed discussion regarding the directors who would retire by rotation at the next AGM, and recommended the re-election of these directors to the Board.