Management Committee

Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee (consisting of senior Tongaat Hulett executives) deliberated on matters of strategy, budget and business planning, the effective operation of the business and on other key issues. The committee’s focus is on the alignment of activities and initiatives throughout the company’s operations.

During the year under the review, the members were
PH Staude (Chairman), J D Bhana, R D S Cumbi, M Deighton,
N P Dingaan, B G Dunlop, B R Gumede, M C Gwala,
M M Jean-Louis, G P N Kruger, G Macpherson, V C Macu,
M A C Mahlari, M N Mohale, S D Mtsambiwa, M H Munro and S J Saunders. The Company Secretary, M A C Mahlari is the secretary of this committee.