AQRate Certificate

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BBBEE/ Transformation


Tongaat Hulett continues to make good progress by building on its proud history of numerous meaningful and sustainable broad based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) initiatives for the benefit of all stakeholders. Steps continue to be taken to ensure that processes and measurements within the company are aligned with the relevant regulatory requirements and the South African Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Codes of Good Practice. Where applicable, operations have been involved in the formulation of relevant industry/sector scorecards.

Tongaat Hulett established the Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) and Management Share Ownership Plan (MSOP) schemes for the benefit of all South African black employees and senior black management respectively, effectively placing a collective interest of 7 percent in the hands of such employees. The overall objective of the schemes is to retain and attract high calibre black employees at every level of the business and to create a sense of ownership amongst employees, as well as to entrench an ownership culture within the greater Tongaat Hulett workforce.

B-BBEE Scorecard Score
Element 2008 2009/10 2011
Equity Ownership 19,05% 21,59% 18,16%
Management & Control 7,83% 7,80% 8,43%
Employment Equity 9,78% 10,18% 11,54%
Skills Development 4,39% 5,96% 10,19%
Preferential Procurement 9,33% 12,70% 18,17%
Enterprise Development 15,00% 15,00% 15,00%
Socio Economic Development 5,00% 5,00% 5,00%
Total 70,38% 78,23% 86,49%
BEE Level Rating 4 3 2

The introduction of B-BBEE equity participation in 2007, included an 18 percent participation by two B-BBEE groupings, Ayavuna Women’s Investments, as an anchor partner, combining with the Mphakathi Trust, which benefits the communities surrounding the Tongaat Hulett property developments and Sangena Investments, as an anchor partner, combining with the Masithuthukisane Trust, which benefits the small scale cane grower communities surrounding Tongaat Hulett’s four South African sugar mills.

The fourth B-BBEE rating audit by AQRate was conducted in 2010 with Tongaat Hulett being categorised as a Level Two Contributor, with an overall score of 86,49 percent compared to the previous year’s score of 78,23 percent. This means that entities purchasing from Tongaat Hulett may recognise 125 percent of the value of their Tongaat Hulett purchases in the procurement element of their scorecards. Going forward, reporting systems and targets will continue to be reviewed to ensure maximum alignment with the elements of the DTI Codes of Good Practice. The highlights of the accreditation are the improved scoring in preferential procurement, skills development, employment equity and management and control elements. Management will continue to work towards maintaining this level of performance. Tongaat Hulett believes that B-BBEE is essential to the sustainability of its South African operations, as well as the prosperity of South Africa and its people.

Transformation, equal opportunity, the creation of a diverse employee profile and indigenisation remain key performance areas in every geographical region where Tongaat Hulett operates.